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San Felipe:

Unquestionably the premier destination on the west coast of the Sea of Cortez in Baja is San Felipe. It is about 120 miles south of the border.

Though sleepy, in comparison to its west coast counterparts, San Felipe has been a secret destination to those in the know. Activities for tourists are many and varied. They include world class fishing, boating, hiking, swimming, wind surfing, sailing, scuba diving, parasailing, and dune buggy trips, with restaurants and night clubs for evening enjoyment.

In a conference at El Dorado Ranch in mid 2005, Government officials offered a very optimistic outlook for San Felipe. They were very encouraged by developments such as El Dorado Ranch, and ensured the local community that the government stood fully behind these developments.   Federal Secretary of Tourism, Rodolfo Elizondo, told the audience that the future of San Felipe was strong and that his office would be working hand in hand with both state and federal agencies, as well as local developers to get the new four lane highway constructed as soon as possible. 

At the State level the State Secretary of Tourism, Alejandro Moreno Medina, mentioned that there were no government agencies standing in the way of San Felipe's development and he assured the attendees that the entire government was behind the local community and excited by its growth. 




Today greater awareness and interest in Ecotourism is ensuring a different attitude to the natural environment. Now we have the Upper Gulf of California Biosphere Reserve which is run by the Unesco Natural Biosphere Reserves Program.

The Valley of the Giants: Natural Reserve of the thousand year old Cardon Cactus. This area has become a major visitors attraction due to the selection of one of these giant specimens that was transported to Seville, Spain during World Expo '92. The area has also become a favorite spot for photographers worldwide as it is a superb background for photo sessions.

Konsag Island: Konsag is plainly visible from the beach at any point around the San Felipe bay, appearing at first glance to be a sail. It is reachable by boat in 45 minutes or so under normal conditions and it is a great place to watch sea lions, seals and colonies of sea birds.

Punta Estrella: Punta Estrella has a breathtaking panoramic view beyond the meaning of the word as it encompasses the whole bay to the west and northwest and the Sea of Cortez to the east.

Puetecitos: Ninety kilometers south of San Felipe is a settlement called Puertecitos (little port) where thermal waters bubble and soothe. There is a small hotel, a gas station, a boat ramp and other services, including telephones.

Artificial Reefs: In March of 1991 the three levels of Government and the San Felipe community organized a Program of Artificial reefs to attract fish and provide better sport fishing, with the addition of more spawning grounds and of more natural production of biological resources.


San Felipe on ATV
Tour nearby surroundings of San Felipe in an ATV. Enjoy the flora and fauna. Duration 2 hours.

Sahuaro- Valley of the Giants
The valley of the giants discovers the history of this giant cactus by ATV on the sandy roads. Duration 4 hours.

Konsag Sea Lions
Featured on Animal Planet this amazing island is populated by Sea Lions and Birds. Something for the whole family to enjoy. 1 hour boat ride. Fishing is included. Duration 4 hours.

Local Sports Fishing
The whole area is great for fishing, from Trigger Fish to Sharks. Great fun for fishing aficionados. 4 hours recommended. Maximum 4 people per boat.

Your access to Las Caras de Mexico, 18 hole golf course will be included. Displays of archaeological, historical and social characters of Mexico. You will enjoy a 10% discount as our hotel guest.

We can arrange relaxation and therapeutic massages on the beach or in our garden area. Appointment necessary, 24 hours prior.
50 minutes $60 USD
90 minutes $89 USD